Natural Rebel

Your chance to change

When high-quality ingredients become the exception, organic becomes duty.

Diversity manifested.

PilotsFriend. These are high-end ingredients, combined effects and perfect taste. A drink for mavericks, those who stay up late, rebels, change-makers, adventurers, convention-breakers and hot shots. You’ll find us, where innovation, creativity and enjoyment of high-quality organic products are top priorities. A rebellion against stereotypical uniformity on the shelf. Against the status quo in the beverage industry!

PilotsFriend is a composition made from nature. A manifesto of variety. Our ingredients come from mountains and meadows, from forests and valleys. - No artificial substances or genetically modified ingredients. PilotsFriend takes the natural way and has many fans.

Fiery presentation in the Dragons’ Den

A very special performance. PilotsFriend presented itself to the jurors of the Canadian entertainment show "Dragons’ Den" with lots of fun and a proper fire.

7 reasons

why more and more top restaurants
prefer PilotsFriend

  1. Ideal as an appetizing aperitif.
  2. Optimal as a non-alcoholic digestif
  3. Revitalizes. Keeps you sharp.
  4. Versatile – plays well with other drinks.
  5. Provides guests with an alternative to coffee.
  6. Makes exclusive sorbets possible.
  7. Gives sauces and sabayons a fantastic, refined taste.

What top restaurateur say …

»The best of nature. My favorite among soft drinks and popular with our guests!«Roman Mailänder

Maria & Roman Mailänder
Restaurant Kellerbauer
Bad Vigaun, Austria
Accolades: Gault & Millau, Falstaff, u. a.

»Effective, sensually stimulating drink experience with a fine spiciness. I am a big fan!«Andreas Kaiblinger

Andrea & Andreas Kaiblinger
Salzburg, Austria
Accolades: Guide Michelin, Gault & Millau, Falstaff

»I find its extraordinary taste and versatility very convincing. Perfect for special cocktails as well as sauces!«Richard Brunnauer

Sybille & Richard Brunnauer
Restaurant Brunnauer
Salzburg, Austria
Accolades: Guide Michelin, Gault & Millau

»Powerful and strong. A firework of flavors like you would otherwise only find in the finest wines!«Ivan Favalli

Ivan Favalli
Aquariva / Il Rivale
Padenghe sul Garda, Italy
Accolades: Guide Michelin

A heavenly roulade

A tip for gourmets

… by a renowned newspaper. a culinary flight of fancy – no special culinary skills required.

Beef roulade with mushrooms, fine vegetables and a refined sabayon with PilotsFriend.

Get the recipe!

PilotsFriend meets Piedmont


  • 1 Part "La Morandina" (Muscato d'Asti)
  • 1 Part PilotsFriend

Carefully pour "La Morandina" into a cocktail glas, add PilotsFriend and ice cubes – done!

Nature, quality & tradition

On the picturesque slopes of the Piedmont Asti region lies the Winery „La Morandina”. For over 500 years, fine wines have been cultivated there. An inheritance that Giulio Morandini builds on expertly and with great care. His Barbera and Barbaresco are among the best. Its golden glowing Moscato d'Asti is of exceptional elegance and sophistication. The idea for Volotivo came about together with Giulio Morandini. One of the most exclusive and tasty aperitif mixes imaginable.

Well then – cheers!

Photo: (middle) Santiago de Christos & Giulio Morandini – united by passion for flying and fine beverages.

Enjoy with all senses

The soundscapes of PilotsFriend

At PilotsFriend, we believe that fine food and great drinks should be accompanied by brilliant music. This inspired us to go to the music studio and to create our own worlds of sound, with experienced and well-known artists.
PilotsFriend, Volume 1
PilotsFriend CD

Double CD

Departure / Arrival

18 Tracks on 2 CDs

Ambient Chill out

Arrival – Iceland

Ambient Chill out

Arrival – Silent Sunrise

Lounge beats

Departure – Fly with me

More sounds from PilotsFriend coming soon!