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Quality without compromise

That's who we are, this is what we stand for.

We bring people the best of nature as a basis for well-being, vitality and performance. Our principle: Highest product quality, goodness and purity. Uncompromising in the respectful handling of nature. Consistent in the respect of biological standards and natural resources. We strongly oppose monocultures, pesticides and genetic engineering to contribute to the preservation of the ecological balance and thus solidify our philosophy of diversity as the only viable way of life.

Certified organic quality

Ensuring organic quality is a central concern for us. This high-quality standard covers all production areas. From growing our fruits and herbs, to processing and bottling. Therefore, the principle of partnership is very important to PilotsFriend. Accordingly, we have a long-term business relationship with all partner companies. This creates confidence and ensures that our ORGANIC Feel Well Drink is always available in the best organic quality.

Bisphenol A free beverage can

Bisphenol A (BPA) is one of the most widely used industrial chemicals in the world and is used in particular in the production of plastics. Millions of tons are released into the environment every year. The problem: BPA is hormonally active and can confound the hormonal system even in the smallest doses. Numerous studies also show a carcinogenic and reprotoxic effect. At PilotsFriend, we make sure that our beverage cans are sealed indoors only with a Bisphenol-A-free coating and thus meet the highest requirements for product safety.

Benefits of organic

  • Organic standards prohibit the use of chemical or synthetic sprays and fertilizers such as glyphosate.
  • Organic means GMO-free
  • Organic stands for the careful handling of nature. Protects the ecological system and biodiversity

Naturally vegan!

Our ORGANIC Feel Well Drink is made with the utmost care. We do without animal additives in any form. Also, our raw materials and fruit extracts are not supplemented with gelatin and do not come into contact with other substances of animal origin during the entire production process.

The aluminum can

Better than they say!

6 good reasons for aluminum cans

  1. Protects drinks and vitamins from oxygen, light and sunlight
  2. Low transport weight
  3. 100% recyclable
  4. More favorable life cycle assessment than PET and other disposable packaging
  5. Bisphenol-A-free
  6. Lower risk of injury compared to glass (no breakage or broken glass)

Ecological statistics

Insight into the study of the IFEU Institute for Energy and Environmental Research on the life cycle assessment of aluminum cans and other packaging systems using the example of beer.

Aluminum can

Quality starts at the raw material …

Every cook knows that: If you only buy cheap ingredients, you will not be able to cook anything with the potential for a favorite dish. A rule that we have also recognized for ourselves. That's why we attach great importance to the quality of the raw materials we use.

Sustainable negotiation

In order to meet our requirements, we have set clear purchasing guidelines. These also include rules around the topic of sustainability. Thus, for example, we request sustainability reports or sustainability strategies from our suppliers.

As regional as possible, as international as necessary

Wherever possible we prefer plants from local cultivation. For example, we source some raw materials directly from Austria, South Tyrol or southern France. However, not all of the raw materials we use are available in appropriate quality or even in European cultivation. For example, plants such as cinchona bark, cola nut and guarana do not grow on our continent.

Not at any price

We also source raw materials from our region even if they would be available on the world market in the same quality for a lower price. This applies, for example, to yellow gentian, which we source for ourselves from the Dolomite and Alpine regions, but which is also offered on the world market by Chinese suppliers.