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Naturally better

Naturally better.

3 effects – 1 drink

PilotsFriend is a naturally pure 3-in-1 premium organic beverage. It combines the properties of a stimulating digestif with those of an invigorating energizer and a refreshing tonic. Carefully balanced herbal and plant extracts from 5 continents provide an incomparable and unique sensory experience.

Non-alcoholic. No aspartame. No GMOs. No artificial flavorings. No colorings or preservatives. Certified organic. Vegan.

Inspired by nature

Vitamin C plus

Vitamin C, polyphenols and flavonoids are antioxidants and are conducive a good general condition. Plant extracts such as aronia, acerola and ginger are rich and taste delicious. Its special aroma comes refreshingly alive in the PilotsFriend Feel Well Drink.

Bitters & more

Have you ever felt a bit sluggish after a nice meal? This is because the body needs a lot of energy for the stomach and for digestion. Bitter compounds such as gentian amarogentin as well as cardamom and ginger can stimulate the production of digestive enzymes. A soothing and enjoyable lift. Without alcohol!

2-phase caffeine boost

Unlike coffee and other caffeinated beverages, PilotsFriend contains special caffeine extracts of cola nut and guarana. Since the caffeine is bound differently in both plants, their stimulating effect unfolds with a time delay and can contribute to a pleasant feeling of alertness. Ideal for those who want to stay focused and alert.

Crafted for heroes of the skies.

Appreciated by heroes of everyday life.

Inspired by nature

Inspired by nature

developed by medical professionals and pharmacologists for professional jet pilots, the ORGANIC FEEL WELL DRINK is the compact all-in-one beverage. Intended as a natural invigorator for a good feeling from the inside out. For work, sport and leisure. Ideal for long car trips, air and sea trips.

Capped smartly

World's first cap for beverage cans

There are billions of beverage cans on shelves worldwide with unprotected drinking surface. They are exposed to germs, spores and bacteria and other influences. At PilotsFriend, we thought about that and came up with a simple solution. Our smart protection cap!


… the intrusion of insects, suchs as wasps!


… the drinking surface from contamination.


… for reclosing, thus preventing leakage


Trendy recipes and ideas

The exceptional and unique taste of the organic Feel Well Drink makes it perfect for fantastic aperitif, long drink and cocktail creations. Just visit our recipes page.


Tough questions. Honest answers.

Private talk with the founder of PilotsFriend.

Santiago de Christos

Founder: PilotsFriend, Entrepreneur, Pilot

Dr. Wilfried Sterzinger (business journalist) in interview with Santiago de Christos

How does a pilot come up with the idea of developing a beverage, especially in such a fiercely contested market?

The idea arose during my pilot training. At that time, US aerospace organisations recommended that we avoid light drinks containing aspartame. That’s how we found out how much controversy surrounds aspartame. During an informal pilotsꞌ get-together we asked ourselves, just for fun, what a ꞌpilot’s drinkꞌ could look like. That’s how it starts.

I was aware how hotly contested the marketed was. All the same, it really appealed to me to develop a new kind of organic drink with special characteristics.

Is PilotsFriend only for aviators? What about the name and the logo?

PilotsFriend is targeted at everyone who values high-quality, natural organic products. Furthermore the name and logo seemed fit to me because the idea was born in aviation. As a project from pilots for pilots. "By the way: The mints of ꞌFisherman's Friendꞌ are not exclusive to fishermen either!

PilotsFriend: Logo
A ꞌfeel-well drinkꞌ – what am I to make of this? Why not ꞌenergy drink?”

The ꞌfeel-well drinkꞌ concept is based on a digestif. Instead of taurine, the ingredient we use is amarogentin. This sets us apart from energy drinks. Yet in a sense it can be said that we are a further development or organic improvement of energy drinks. However, PilotsFriend offers much more!

You advertise your product as a 3-in-1-drink. What does that actually mean?

3-in-1 because: PilotsFriend combines the best of three aspects: digestif, espresso and tonic. Next to herbs and botanicals such as gentian and cardamom, otherwise found in digestifs, stand different types of caffeine from cola nut and guarana. The tonic aspect is covered by the addition of bitters found in cinchona-bark and the like. And there you have it: 3 effects – 1 drink.

PilotsFriend: Das Beste aus Digestif, Espresso und Tonic!
10 years of work went into developing the formula. What took you so long?

The hard bit was to find out which natural extracts can be used and harmonized with one another. We also had to make the taste an experience, with a richness of aromas like a good red wine. First product samples were extremely sharp and bitter to the taste, and unstable in terms of consistency and durability. We had to go through more than 100 series of tests and 6 larger-scale test productions before we got to the drinkꞌs final formula.

PilotsFriend: 10 Jahre Entwicklungszeit
You say that medical professionals were involved in the development. So is PilotsFriend a medicine?

Medical professionals accompanied us as we selected the ingredients, taking into account the physical needs of jet pilots and other professional pilots. So the question was: which plants are suitable for maintaining alertness and vitality? How can caffeine tolerance be improved and caffeine peaks be reduced? Which herbs promote a pleasant feeling that comes from within, as well as counteracting stress? (a digestif effect) This has less to do with medicine and more with responsibility and conscientiousness in the product-development process.

PilotsFriend: medical professionals accompanied us.
So, all things considered, this sounds very laborious and high-priced. So is PilotsFriend in fact a luxury drink?

I am aware that PilotsFriend is a higher-priced product. Nonetheless our calculation for an organic product of this quality is fair. Our price policy is not the product of some marketing departmentꞌs imagination and has a clear logic to it. For instance, the organic guarana extract that we use is the most expensive on the world market. Our gentian-root extract is produced by hand in our laboratory in Italy.

The extraction procedure for our cinchona was developed especially for PilotsFriend, so as to provide organic certification. We source raw materials from five continents. Likewise, the filling process is very difficult and time-consuming because each ingredient must be weighed precisely, down to the second decimal point. This has a great deal to do with quality and painstaking work by hand; all of this comes at a price.

You talk about high quality, commitment to organic principles and a bond with nature, yet you fill your product in aluminium cans with a plastic top. How do you harmonise these two aspects?

Itꞌs a fairy tale notion to think that everything connected with nature and organics must not be allowed to be packed in plastic or aluminium. Our aluminium cans and hygienic tops are recyclable! The only alternative would be glass. Yet apart from some reusable packaging formats, in environmental terms glass’s performance is terrible.

As regards aluminium cans, also keep in mind that we use a ꞌBisphenol-A-freeꞌ coating. This is also a point of difference compared to most manufacturers of drinks.

Santiago de Christos

Active powerlifter and heavy athlete. Won numerous competitions at the age of 17. Has completed vocational education both in business management and in precision engineering. Marketing specialist, self-employed entrepreneur and visionary. Co-organised and sponsored „Europe America 500”, the first commercial space-flight project in history. Worked successfully as a corporate consultant for more than 10 years, accompanying the founding of more than 2,000 starts-ups. Fulfilled a childhood dream at age 44, by completing pilot training. An enthusiastic friend of nature and environmental activist.


Cool & Stylish

A handy mini-fridge. Offers a capacity for up to 48 cans of PilotsFriend!

Dimensions: W 34 cm x D 41 cm x H 49 cm

Perfectly eye-catching

Our new POS-Display for up to 12 cans. Ideal for counters, bars or in the cash register area.

Dimensions: W 23 cm x D 17 cm x H 37 cm

Chic & elegant

The new six 6-Pack from PilotsFriend! Nature's best, packaged compactly.

Dimensions: W 16 cm x D 11 cm x H 11 cm