Our philosophy

… more than just nice words.

… but the very essence of our company's culture. Everyone can and should experience it no matter whether they are a customer, employee or business partner. It sustains us every day. Whether in the cockpit of an airplane or at the desk in the office.

At PilotsFriend, we believe that nature, in its fullness, provides everything for a healthy and long life. We believe that organic farming is the only answer to monocultures, genetic engineering and mass production. The cycle of nature, the ever-recurring, ever-renewing life is part of our thinking and our actions.

We focus on healthy business growth and sustainable business success. We strive to constantly improve the quality of our products and promote environmental sustainability. Increasing the common good is more important to us than maximizing profits. Instead of competition, we rely on cooperation.

An uplifting story

Photo left: Secret pictures of a PilotsFriend rendezvous between Eurofighter Typhoons and a Cirrus plane. Photo (right top): Marc „Turbo“ Grüne after his aerobatic world record. Photo (bottom right): PilotsFriend Meet & Greet – Sylvine, „Turbo”, Ruperta, Alistair Overeem, Jan, Santiago & Fabrice

How it all started

The company PilotsFriend wasn’t simply created in a vacuum. It is the result of a thought experiment at the regular pilot’s table. Triggered by US aviation organizations and their warning to professional pilots to avoid aspartame-containing beverages. So, the question was how to have a beverage that: 1. Was free of controversial artificial ingredients like Aspartame and 2. Did justice to the demands of challenging occupations and activities.

In cooperation with physicians, pharmacologists and food developers, the ORGANIC FEEL WELL DRINK was developed over a period of more than 10 years and numerous test runs.


Anif, Salzburg (Austria)

The finest raw materials of nature are easier to find when you are at home in nature. Founded in 2006, PilotsFriend's headquarters are in Anif near Salzburg, Austria. Directly on the nature preserve of the Untersberg and near the Berchtesgaden area.


Multicultural, vibrant and full of life. That’s Calgary. In the farthest western part of the Canadian province of Alberta. A venue for the Olympic Games and the famous Stampede Festival, the largest rodeo show in the world. From there, we coordinate our trading activities with PilotsFriend West Inc., for the North American market.

PilotsFriend West Inc.
2540 Kensington Rd NW
Calgary AB T2N 3S3